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24 august 2008

Koniec listov čitateľov a čo ich nahradilo

Takýmto krásnym textom časopis Vice vysvetlil čitateľom, prečo ruší rubriku Listy čitateľov:

"You know what? No letters page this month. You know why? Because we aren't receiving enough real letters. We mainly get emails now, and people don't think when they write emails. They just pump them out, which makes them hard to reply to. We sat here and looked at like 50 emails we've gotten in the last couple days and it was really depressing. It's like trying to come back to a burp or a fart. What can you say? 'Nice fart'? 'Subpar belch, but try again'?
And we used to get great letters. They would arrive in decorated envelopes along with goofy little tokens, tchotchkes, gizmos, and gifts inside -- even cheap stuff like newspaper clippings or a photo or a drawing was nice. Now we just get retarded fucking emails..."

19 august 2008

Nočná jazda

Neznášam flashové weby, intrá, videá na firemných weboch, a vôbec, keď reklamné agentúry strkajú prsty do HTML. Toto je prvá takáto stránka, ktorá ma úplne dostala:

Via Mišo Pastier

18 august 2008

SME pre mobily

Kto chce vyskúšať a pripomienkovať verziu pre mobily, nech sa ozve.

07 august 2008

Dokonalá navigácia v garáži

Axel Peemoeller - Eureka Carpark Melbourne: "In Melbourne I developed a way-finding-system for the Eureka Tower Carpark while working for Emery Studio. The distored letters on the wall can be read perfectly when standing at the right position.