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07 december 2007

Rádioaktívny urán. So zľavou z Amazonu

Lameri nakupujú urán na Ukrajine a nechajú sa pochytať slovenskou políciou, profíci ho objednávajú z Amazonu za USD 22,95.

Prečítajte si určite aj užívateľské recenzie, napr.:

- I bought a can of this about 4.5 billion years ago, give or take a few million years, but when I went to use it today I noticed only half of it was still in the can. I swear I put the lid on tight. I'd give it more stars if it came in a better package.

- When mixed with Tuscan whole milk I gained the power to control deceased woodland creatures.

- I tried this product but the feel of it (slightly greasy, with a quantum-stringy texture) made me think it wasn't real Uranium.

- I've had trouble finding both a Nintendo Wii and Uranium Ore for the kids this Christmas. I would suggest that the manufacturers increase their production for the holidays