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13 január 2008

Google 2.0

Zaujímavý rozhovor s Nicholasom Carrom o tom, ako sa bude Google rýchlo meniť z vyhľadávača na poskytovateľa ľubovoľných služieb cez web.

When Google Grows Up -
"You've also suggested that Google wants to physically integrate search with the human brain.
This may sound like science fiction, but if you take Google's founders at their word, this is one of their ultimate goals. The idea is that you no longer have to sit down at a keyboard to locate information. It becomes automatic, a sort of machine-mind meld. Larry Page has discussed a scenario where you merely think of a question, and Google whispers the answer into your ear through your cellphone."
I'm not talking about Google robots walking around and pushing humans into lines. But Google seems intent on creating a machine that's able to do a lot of our thinking for us. When we begin to rely on a machine for memory and decision making, you have to wonder what happens to our free will.

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