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13 august 2007

Kde to matka príroda pokašľala

New Scientist prináša podrobný prehľad chýb evolúcie. Len pár pikošiek zo zamknutej časti článku:
THE FEMALE PELVIS Human adaptation to walking upright has made giving birth more dangerous for women than for any other primate
VAGINA AND URETHRA NEAR ANUS Leaves women prone to genital and urinary infections
WISDOM TEETH Many of us have jaws that are too small for these third molars
MUTANT GLO GENE Like most primates, humans cannot make vitamin C, rendering us vulnerable to scurvy unless we get plenty in our diet
THE APPENDIX No known function but if it gets infected it can kill you
WINDPIPE NEXT TO THE GULLET Means choking is not uncommon
ULNAR NERVE Runs behind the elbow, where it is unprotected (think funny bone), instead of in front of it
VULNERABLE BRAIN CELLS A few minutes of oxygen deprivation causes permanent brain damage in humans, yet an epaulette shark can survive for over an hour without oxygen
PARASITIC DNA Our genome is littered with "jumping genes" that can cause genetic diseases
ODONTOID PROCESS This extension of the last neck vertebra can easily fracture and damage the brainstem
FEET After coming down from the trees, we ended up walking on the "wrists" of our lower limbs, leading to all sorts of structural weaknesses
HAIRY BOTTOMS Who needs them?